Explore the Middle East

Decoding the Future goes far beyond other Revelation courses by not only providing groundbreaking in-depth views into every chapter of Revelation, but you’ll follow your host Jay McCarl and the entire live filmed class as they travel throughout Israel and to the ancient sites of the seven churches of Revelation located throughout Turkey! Some places you will see within the course and bonus videos in the member’s area are:


Turkey Israel
The Ruins of Ephesus Underground Jerusalem Excavations
The Ruins of Smyrna The ruins of Masada
The Ruins of Pergamum The Valley of Armageddon
The Ruins of Thyatira The Sea of Galilee
The Ruins of Sardis And more!
The Ruins of Philadelphia
The Ruins of Laodicea

Join the classroom

In additional to exploring the ancient Middle East, you’ll also join Jay McCarl’s class filmed live as you go through each and every chapter in the Book of Revelation. This in-depth teaching provides an unparalleled experience with new insights that will provide new cultural understanding of the prophecies that will change everything you though you knew about what the Book of Revelation is trying to show us! Here is the entire lesson plan of the Decoding the Future course:


Part 01 Part 05
Lesson 01: Course Introduction Lesson 21: The Fifth Trumpet
Lesson 02: Beginning Revelation Lesson 22: The Sixth Trumpet
Lesson 03: The Church of Ephesus Lesson 23: The Little Book
Lesson 04: The Church of Smyrna Lesson 24: The Two Witnesses
Part 02 Lesson 25: The Seventh Trumpet
Lesson 05: The Church of Pergamum Lesson 26: The Dragon Pursues Israel
Lesson 06: The Church of Thyatira Part 06
Lesson 07: The Church of Sardis Lesson 27: The Antichrist and the False Prophet
Lesson 08: The Church of Philadelphia Lesson 28: Mark of the Beast
Part 03 Lesson 29: Harvesting the Earth
Lesson 09: The Church of Laodicea Lesson 30: The Final Plagues
Lesson 10: The Throne Room Lesson 31: The Battle of Armageddon
Lesson 11: The Scroll Part 07
Lesson 12: The First Seal Lesson 32: The Prostitute and the Beast
Part 04 Lesson 33: Babylon destroyed
Lesson 13: Second, Third, Fourth Seals Lesson 34: Jesus goes to war
Lesson 14: The Fifth Seal Lesson 35: The Millennium
Lesson 15: The Sixth Seal Lesson 36: Satan’s final defeat
Lesson 16: Sealing The 144,000 Lesson 37: Eternity
Lesson 17: The Seventh Seal and First Trumpet
Lesson 18: The Second Trumpet
Lesson 19: The Third Trumpet
Lesson 20: The Fourth Trumpet

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